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    Karen Scott has been teaching mathematics for approximately 25 years to a variety of ages....as well as to a variety of intellectual backgrounds.

    For 12 years, Karen taught high-school age students. During this time, she taught all subjects ranging from Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, to Pre-Calculus.

    Quite often, during this time, Karen "coached" and "prepared" students for math competitions at surrounding counties, as well as nearby states.

    Her biggest "expedition" was to a nation-wide competition held in Honolulu, Hawaii sponsored by Mu Alpha Theta, which is a major math honor society for high school students.

    After taking an "extended" maternity leave, Karen began teaching Developmental Math at a local Community College in 1992. Most of the students taking this curriculum, are either adults who are returning to school after several years, or perhaps need refresher courses before going on to College-Level Mathematics.

    Many of the high schools and community colleges are now teaching mathematics courses through the aid of GRAPHING CALCULATORS.

    calculator TI-82 Graphing Calculator

    Chattanooga State Technical Community College, is one of the leading community colleges in the area, as well as in the Southeastern United States.

    Quite often, it is referred to as "Jo's College" because of the broad educational, occupational, and interesting programs that it has to offer.

    "College: Not just for KIDS" is a slogan that is quite often heard on the campus of CSTCC.

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    Try out some of Karen's math applets

  • INTERACTIVE ALGEBRA ...Here is a great applet that tests and gives hints as you go.... pick the topic you need the most work on....algebraic factoring, solving quadratic equations, graphing linear equations and more. Many of my students have enjoyed this one.

  • MULTIPLICATION TABLE ...Let the kids practice while seeing the application of the concept of "multiplication"...
  • VISUAL ADDITION...Visual Concepts and skills of Addition and Subtraction Facts....

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